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Gerhard Nordström
Mått: 94x73 cm
Foto: Jörgen Mårtensson, Bjärred

How I see on portrait painting

From the walls of the boardroom they look down on us, late middle-aged gentlemen dressed in suits. Managing directors and the chairman of the local government administration. Wearing ties.


Senior physicians in their white coats. One or two church dignitaries in black coats.


In the castle corridors the nobility meet us, on old portraits, maybe on horsebacks and in suits of armour. Castle lords of recent times, also dressed in suits. And ties.


Those in power and the elite. Almost exclusively men.


That’s what things look like in the world of portraits.


The role, the place in society, often overshadows – and becomes on with – the person who is portrayed.


In my portraits, on the other hand, I want to focus on the individual. I want to depict a unique human being. The professional role and position in society are, after all, only parts of our identities. We are shaped by our genes in interaction with the world around us, as well as our fellow-beings, into the unique individuals that we are.


I try to reach this in my portraits. The long process of bringing them into being enables me to search for the special expression that I associate with just that person. As opposed to the photographer, who during a split second catches the temporary.


“Ecce Homo”, in other words…. (Or “behold the man”, for us with insufficient knowledge of Latin).



Pernilla Hägg Nordström