Elementa (in English)

Galleri Estetica, Malmö  15/1-6/2 2011

What are then the ”Elementa” – the fundamental, necessary things for life on Earth?
It is not the DowJones index, not an ever growing GNP, not the access to oil or cheap electricity.
It is the water, the vegetation, the atmosphere and the Sunlight.
In Rolf Edberg, I have found a soul mate who expresses himself to the point, scientifically and poetically, all at the same time.
I gratefully employ his art of wording with quotations from his book ”Of the same dust as stars” to shed light on the outlook on life that also underlies my exhibition ”Elementa”.
/ Pernilla Hägg Nordström

At Gallery Estetica in Malmö I showed a series of paintings I called ”Elementa”.
If you want to see the whole excibition, please click on the PDF-file.